Can I drink tap water in Los Cabos?

Many locals meet with this doubt when they arrive at the place to live. And we know that Mexico, contrary to other countries, does not potabilize water in all cities and constantly to be ingested from anywhere and at any time. However, according to the Q.F.B. Blanca Tapia, inspector of the NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation) and laboratory chief at Aqualab, there are some details that differentiate Los Cabos from other cities in Mexico:

1.- The Cabos has an ecosystem of sea and desert, reason why the water has a particular composition that allows to have the minerals in quantities suitable for human consumption.

2.- To say that water is potable, it is required to comply with both the microbiological part and the physicochemical part, the latter is the one that corresponds to the minerals and compounds that can give some properties to the water of taste, Turbidity, inlay or corrosivity. This physicochemical part is the one that in general, in the majority of the wells in Los Cabos is considered of good quality for human use.

3.- The microbiological part is the one that can not comply with the limits permissible according to the Mexican Official Standard and this can be due to the origin of the water or to the handling and storage of the same, even in the same property, reason why it is important Become aware of this and make sure you have a disinfection equipment or program (destruction of microorganisms).

In conclusion, Los Cabos water may not be 100% potable, however it has better quality than water in other cities of the country and can be used without problem for other domestic uses, such as bathing, washing clothes, washing and cooking food, etc.

According to the Q.F.B. Blanca Tapia, the water of the place is of good physicochemical quality and you only have to make sure to carry out a process of disinfection to be able to use the water for both use and for human consumption.


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