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BRAND NEW! We invite you to come and see our new line of products: HotSpring® Portables Spas. Treat yourself as you deserve; relax, enjoy, take off that stress and improve your health with the amazing features of a Portable Spa. Now is the perfect moment to indulge yourself with Aqualab Spas.
HotSprings Portable Spas
There are three factors at work in a spa: heat, buoyancy and massage. Together, they create a relaxing, soothing experience..
Immersion in hot water raises the body temperature and causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation. The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight by approximately 90%, which relieves pressure on joints and muscles and creates the relaxing sensation of weightlessness.
HotSpring spas are the only ones that are NSF P181 certified; This means that they comply with safety and operating standards throughout the equipment and not only in certain parts.
HotSpring portable spas dealer in San Jose del Cabo
HotSpring portable spas hydromassage sale in Los Cabos

Improve your health. Relax and enjoy the multiple benefits of hydromassage:

  • Cardiovascular Impact.
  • A Better Night’s Sleep.
  • Diabetes Management.
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Integrate it to your landscape and the architecture that you alredy have in you home.  Ask us for this option o visit:

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